About Us


Mountain View Winery Owner, Michael Young

Michael Young is the third generation of this family to be tending the land that is Mountain View Winery. He is proud to have been born and raised in Olathe, Colorado. He and his wife Wendy are the owners of Mountain View Winery.  Mountain View Winery is a short drive away from Montrose or Delta, Colorado.

They tend an organic vineyard and also diligently bottle their wines on the premises.

They are a Western Slope winery that is open year-round.  They also have a tasting room in which you can savor the intense and subtle flavors that the Colorado soil and crisp mountain air produce.  It is also a place that is family friendly, as they also open up their orchard to fruit and vegetable picking throughout the spring to fall.

We’re thankful to be living within the beautiful surroundings on the Western Slope of Colorado.  We are also within a 45 minute drive of Black Canyon National Park.  We’d be honored if you came and visited our winery during your next visit to our area.

Thank you for taking a look at our website.