Our Wines


All of our wines are handmade on the premises in Olathe, Colorado.

Our vineyard and orchard have been nurtured with the Colorado sun, giving our wine a distinct, invigorating goodness. As a small, locally owned, family winery, we take great care in the the process: from growing, tending, pruning, and taking care of our grapes, to selecting and engaging in the meticulous process of making our wines. All our grapes have been carefully hand picked from our organic vineyard. We enjoy the process and hope that you also enjoy our Colorado wines!

After Dinner and Port

Cherry Decadence

Dark chocolate infused in our delectable cherry wine.   An irresistible combination of two flavors that go together like roses and romance. Winner of “Most Unique Wine” and “People’s Choice” at 2 local festivals           375ml $20.99 SOLD OUT

White Wines

Mountain Paradox 
This wine is a paradox! Pinot Noir grapes that do not sit on the skins make a delicious white wine. We love this wine with Mexican carnitas.
$22.99 SOLD OUT

Chardonnay 2012

Our chardonnay is a lightly-oaked, rich and buttery Chard and Blue Ribbon winner at local fairs. Pairs well with steelhead fish and caper sauce.

$22.99 SOLD OUT


Chipeta White

This is an enchanting semi-sweet blend of Chardonnay & Muscat.  Perfect with Mexican food or anything spicy.  Named after a influential woman of the Uncompahgre Valley.


Lavender Wine

We have taken local lavender and created this unique slightly sweet blend. This wine is great as a pairing to a summer salad or cheese platter.

$20.99-  SOLD OUT but new vintage releasing Summer 2021

Trail Head 

This sweet white blend pulls out all stops in becoming your new favorite afternoon -sit with a book- wine. It is our late harvest grapes with a bit of added Orange Cognac for a light margarita

after taste. 

$18.99 SOLD OUT

daredevilred100Red Wines

Cutthroat Red

This wine is smooth and rich and has flavors of dark chocolate and a hint of smoky earthiness that makes this wine pair nicely with anything from grilled burgers to marinara pasta


Barbera 2016

100% Estate Grown. As this tannic, dry cherry, spicy wine ages it becomes more and more a favorite. We love this with a traditional spaghetti and meatballs.

$22.99 SOLD OUT

Uncompahgre 2014

Indulge yourself with this blend of  dark oaked cherry and rich Merlot with tastes of nutmeg and cloves.  It will transport you back to an age of romance and flavors of Victorian elegance. Great with lamb or any wild game.

$24.99-SOLD OUT (if you love this wine let us know…we can’t decide if we should make it again)

Dare Devil Red

A strong red, yet slightly sweet.  Great with barbeque or Italian food.  Winner “Best Colorado Wine” at 2010 Montrose, Colorado wine fest.


Sweeter wines
We’ve raised the standards of fruit wines and have captured the essence of each fruit without adding any artificial flavors or colors.

Rapid Red

60% Syrah 40% Pomegranate.  This classic red is blended with pomegranate to make a tantalizing sweet red wine. With all the positive characteristics in red wine & pomegranates you should live forever after drinking this! We think it makes a great sangria or pairs with hot spinach salad.



A blend of Montmorency and Bing cherries.  It is a perfect cherry flavor that will remind you of your favorite cherry pie.

$16.99   SOLD OUT for now!

Wild Plum

Light, tangy and sweet- a delightful afternoon sipper!



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